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Case Studies

Dedicated supervisors from each M+E service side

We take great pride in our work and love to show what we have achieved.

Our case studies are an opportunity for potential clients to see the quality of the finished product and to rest assured they will be in safe hands.

The articles below only represent a small sample size of our activity, and we will be more than happy to talk through other schemes with you.

For example, ask about Sean Jackson’s (Director) mechanical work for the NHS or about Antony Grace’s (Director) electrical work for a national retail chain. Howard Jackson (Director) also doesn’t mind discussing his time in prisons across the north west (doing mechanical work of course!).

Our case studies also form part of our recruitment strategy, which is vital to attract the best people to deliver work for our clients.

The stories below show prospective job applicants the varied types of work we deliver across multiple sectors, illustrating the exciting projects they can be involved in by joining us.