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ASH secures key renewables contract for complex 510 Solar PV Installation on behalf of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’

Arial view of 510 Solar PV Installation on behalf of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council building

The scheme was completed at the ‘End of May 2023 and will be future proofed to allow Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council to further its ‘Sustainability Credentials’

Supported by a capital grant from the ‘European Regional Development Funding (ERDF)’, as part of the ‘European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020’.

This funding has come about by working jointly as a consortium with five Greater Manchester authorities under the ‘Unlocking Clean Energy for the Greater Manchester (UCEGM)’ programme. 

Arial view of 510 Solar PV Installation on behalf of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council building

Totally Local Company – Waste Refuge Provider for Stockport and based at Endeavour House, is one of two key schemes kick-started by Stockport Council in spring, with the view they will act as the blueprint that will help it and other local authorities to learn how best to retrofit renewables onto existing buildings. 

Multi Award Winning ASH Integrated Services were successful in securing this project as the main contractor where we carried out the design, supply and installation of ‘510 x Solar PV Panels via Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council who carried out the Tender Exercise.

ASH Integrated Services offers a joined up electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and renewable energy project and maintenance solution, which reduces stress for clients by offering one point of contact and dedicated mechanical and electrical supervisors on each contract/project.

Arial view of 510 Solar PV Installation on behalf of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council building

We have also previously carried out successful installation of Solar PV Panels on behalf of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council at both Stockport Exchange Car Park and the Pendlebury Centre.

Projects and Project Management is a prime focus and area of competence within ASH Integrated Services where we have previously carried out similar Mechanical & Electrical Projects for our clients.

We recognised an element of this project needed be delivered by Sub-Contractors such as the supply and installation of the Solar Powered Car Ports. Although we always aim to ‘Self-Deliver’ as many services as possible, using our directly employed Engineering Team. This helps us to keep costs under control and provide a consistently high level of quality and ‘First Class Service’.

Working alongside and with our Sub-Contractors as ‘One Team’ we successfully delivered all aspects of the project, including design and build, installation and also maintenance if required after the project was completed.

ASH Integrated Services have been procured by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, to undertake the Installation of a 220kVA Solar PV System with a 40kW Battery System located at the Totally Local Company site at Endeavour House, Bredbury Park Way, Bredbury, Stockport SK6 2SN.

Arial view of Solar PV Installation on the roof of a Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council building

We carried out the Design, Installation, Verification, Test, Commission and set to work the full PV array on 2 roofs, one is the ‘Main Garage Building’ with a ‘Wash Bay Building’ and Car Ports.

The full array consisted of the supply and installation of 510 x  JA Solar JAM72S20-460/MR Solar PV Panels upon the main building roof, wash bay roof and car ports fed via 2 x Solis 110K 5G-Pro and 1 x S5-GR3P20K Inverters which were installed within the MOT Workshop.

We can confirm that the Main Roof array consisted of 350 x Solar PV Panels, the Wash Bay Roof  array consisted of 52 x Solar PV panels, and the Carports consisted of 108 x Solar PV Panels. The main building and carport inverters were connected to the building’s main section panel via a MCCB within the new section panel.

image the underneath of solar panels
image the underneath of solar panels

This then supplies the G99/100 Reverse Power Relay Panel next to the new Section Panel located within the MOT workshop. The G99/100 Relay Panel then feeds the 2 x Solis (75-110)K-5G-PRO Inverters via 2 x 100a MCB’s. The wash bay inverter was supplied via a 32A MCB within the wash bay Distribution Board.

image shows a Reverse Power Relay Panel

We then had to redivert the wash bay distribution board main feed from the existing section panel to the newly installed section panel. This was due to the building having an existing Solar PV System monitored by an existing service provider. This prevented the existing monitoring system picking up any of the new Solar PV System supply.   

We can confirm that the site has a limited generation feedback on to the grid set by the  Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to 200kW.

We can confirm that the feed to the inverter comes from the Main Switch through an RPR (Reverse Power Relay). This RPR monitors the main incoming supply to the building and any power being fed back on to the local power grid over 200kW. We also installed Solis Export Power Manager this monitors the Solis Inverters and the grid supply and demand.

The Export Power Manager is the first line of protection against over exporting energy on to the grid. If over feeding of over 200kW is detected the EPM will ramp down the 2 x Solis Inverters to a safe level of generation and continue monitoring until over generation has levelled out.  

The second line of protection is G99/100 Reverse Power Relay, this will in turn shut the system down if the Export Power Management doesn’t ramp the inverters down to the set 200kW set by the DNO who monitor’s the grid within 5 seconds. The RPR monitors this via Current Transformer located within the Low Voltage Panel.

We also supplied and installed 16 x Fox Mira-HV25 Batteries providing 40kW of battery backup power. This is managed by 2 x Fox Mira BMS Units via  2 x Fox H3/AC3 Inverters which is a completely separate system to the Solar PV panel installation.  We can confirm that this monitors the buildings load and PV Generation via current transformers located with the new section panel.

Picture shows an electrical panel in a building

We can confirm that commissioning of all systems, witnessing and inspection was carried out prior to handover. This also allowed for the demonstration of the system and equipment to the client and their representative prior to contract completion. We can also confirm that all testing and commissioning was carried out in accordance with the latest 18th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations.

We can confirm that prior to handover allcertification was completed and provided for checking by the Consulting Engineer 3 working days before handover. Once the Consulting Engineer approved these documents a full set of each was added into the O&M Manuals which included all technical information of equipment installed and drawings.

The project started on the 20th May 2023 and was completed on the 29th July 2023, with the which took approximately 10 Weeks to final completion.

We can confirm the benefit and impact to Stockport Metropolitan Brough Council are as follows:

  • As previously mentioned Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council are seeking to become a ‘Carbon-Neutral City Region by 2038’ and this installation allow them to further its ‘Sustainability Credentials’.
  • Endeavour House is one of two key schemes kick-started by Stockport Council in spring 23, with the view they will act as the blueprint that will help it and other local authorities to learn how best to retrofit renewables onto existing buildings. 
  • Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council has just become a userof the most important energy source of the future – and yet the oldest one in existence.
  • For example correctly installed, it will provide many years of reliable service the Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems use PV cells to convert solar radiation into electricity. When light shines on the panel it creates an electric field across the layers of the cells, causing electricity to flow. The greater the intensity of the light, the greater the flow of electricity.
  • The result is a PV array which supplies DC power to an inverter. The inverter, in turn, provides an AC power supply to the building. If the building has mains electricity, after notifying the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) of the installation, it is possible to export any excess electricity to the national grid.

Co-founder and co-director at ASH Integrated Services Antony Grace said the following:

Antony Grace from ASH Integrated Services stood with a group of people standing in front of a solar panel

Cllr Mark Roberts, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment at Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, said the following:

Cllr Grace Baynham, Cabinet member for Highways, Parks and Leisure Services, said the following:

David Hughes, CEO at Totally Local Company, Endeavour House, said the following:

Since the project has been completed the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council have invited ASH Integrated Services to tender for the ‘Replacement Boiler Plant Works at Moss Hey Primary School and Woodley Primary School’.

ASH Integrated Services are a ‘People Business’ and most importantly we invest in all of our team for the future. Through Apprenticeships and other vital industry qualifications to practical training, we ensure our team are upskilled, fully equipped and prepared.

We believe that when people are happy at work, they are more productive. Our in-house workforce, which accounts for ‘95 % of activity on-site’ and work the ASH Integrated Services way of being ‘Professional, Reliable and Friendly’.

Professional, reliable and friendly have become part of our embedded culture and become ASH Integrated Services ‘Core Values’.

Our self-delivery ability/capabilities, with a proven integrated solution are ‘Unique’ and our expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, FM Maintenance & Projects are as follows:

  • Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation
  • Gas/Combustion,
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Hot Water Systems, Chilled Water Systems, Plumbing and above Ground Drainage
  • Electrical – Lighting, LED Lighting, Power (Single phase and three phase)
  • Stand-by Systems (Uninterrupted power supply and generators)
  • Data Points and BMS
  • Renewable – Underfloor Heating, Hydrogen Boilers and Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Renewable – PV Solar Panels, Battery Storage and Car Charging Points

ASH Integrated Services doesn’t stand still when delivering a truly integrated service led by our Directors Antony  Grace, Sean Jackson and Howard Jackson. Not to mention our dedicated Management Team, Office Administration Team and all of our Engineers.

As previously mentioned, ASH Integrated Services are a ‘People Business’ and we are proud of our (One Team) and integrated service delivery and also our ‘Accreditation’ which help provide Stockport Metropolitan Council with the necessary reassurance that they are in safe hands.

Our Accreditation

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