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An electrical contractor lighting the way in the industry

ASH Integrated Services understands exactly what is needed for your electrical installation or maintenance project.

We know you are looking for an electrical contractor to not only do the basics (from turning up on time to delivering what is promised to a high standard), but to also be a partner on the job to:

  • Make suggestions based on latest industry techniques and best practice.
  • Keep communication flowing to keep you updated.
  • Not only spot potential issues, but provide practical solutions.

From complete re-wires on grade-II listed buildings to complex installs at modern commercial buildings, our in-house electrical team have seen it all and built a strong reputation for the quality of its work.

It’s a reputation we are immensely proud of, and one we strive to build upon with every project.

a person in a yellow jacket is holding an electric car charger

Electrical Projects

From design and build to installation to maintenance, our team is perfectly placed for your electrical project.

With 95 per cent of work carried out by our in-house workforce (the remaining 5 per cent is carried out by specialists such as commissioning a fire safety install), it means it’s delivered the Ash Integrated Services way: to the highest possible standard while maintaining health and safety.

While we believe there is nothing we haven’t seen before, we would love to hear from you if you think your project brings a new challenge to the market.

Our sector experience includes national retail outlets, hospitality, office buildings, education, council-owned premises, and manufacturing.

In addition, with a huge focus on climate change, our team excels at working on renewable projects ranging from car charging points and battery storage to install and maintenance of PV (solar) panels.

To find out more about some of our work, view our case studies.

Specialist Services

ASH Integrated Services provides a joined up electrical, plumbing and heating solution, which reduces stress for clients by offering one point of contact. to learn more about our range of services, click the 'Learn More' button below.