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The Value of Investing in People and Skills at ASH Integrated Services.

Reiss Lee from ASH Integrated Services receiving his Highly Commended Award at the HPM Awards

Happy employees are productive employees. That’s why at ASH Integrated Services, we recognise the value of investing in people and skills.

We made a steadfast commitment to invest in the development of our team, so we can cultivate a legacy of expertise and professionalism, that we believe sets us apart as a trusted partner in the care industry. 

Providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technologies makes everyone’s job easier and helps us retain skilled individuals. 

That’s why we prioritise the well-being and growth of our team, they welcome opportunities for advancement, skill-building, and personal development.  

From apprenticeships to industry qualifications and practical training, we ensure that every member of our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles. 

Our in-house workforce, which accounts for 95% of activity on-site, embodies the ASH Integrated Services way: professional, reliable, and friendly. 

These core values are the words that are deeply ingrained in our conscience, guiding every interaction and decision we make. 

One shining example of the success of our investment in people and skills is Reiss Lee. A rising star in our team and one to watch. 

Reiss Lee photographed with the winners at the HPM Awards 2024
Reiss Lee, front row left, photographed with the winners at the HPM Awards 2024 

Recently awarded the Highly Recommended Award in the Apprentice of the Year category at the Heating & Plumbing Magazine Awards 2024, Reiss’s journey exemplifies the power of dedication and perseverance.  

Joining ASH Integrated Services in November 2021, Reiss’s commitment to achieving his qualifications has not only earned him recognition but also serves as an inspiration to others.  

Particularly to young people from diverse backgrounds who are making vital contributions across all sectors. 

At ASH, we understand that excellence is a team effort. We foster a collaborative environment where we value and empower every member to succeed. 

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Our integrated service delivery model ensures seamless coordination and communication, while our accreditations provide clients like MHA Pennystone Care Home with the reassurance that they are in safe hands. 

As we continue to evolve and innovate, one thing remains constant: our unwavering dedication to investing in people and skills. 

Nurturing talent, fostering growth, and promoting diversity, enhances the capabilities of our workforce. Strengthening our position as a leader in sustainable facilities management. 

By investing in skills and embracing innovative technologies, we ensure that our solutions remain relevant and effective. 

In the face of evolving challenges and advancements in the care industry Integrated mechanical and electrical engineering solutions matter. 

ASH Integrated Services offer a comprehensive approach to facility management without a comprehensive list of suppliers!  

Addressing the interconnected systems that govern the comfort, safety, and efficiency of care homes we optimise your facilities management performance with minimal downtime and maximise the longevity of critical infrastructure.  

Ultimately delivering peace of mind to clients and residents alike. 

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