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6 Ways Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Solutions Enhance Project Performance and Drive Cost Efficiency

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In the world of construction and facilities management, the synergy between mechanical and electrical engineering is paramount for success. Integrated solutions that harmonise these disciplines not only enhance project performance but also yield significant cost savings. Here we delve into how this integration fosters success in project execution while simultaneously reducing overall costs. 1. Efficiency […]

Enhancing the Experience for Care Homes with Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Facilities Management.

a nurse talking to an elderly person in a chair

Within the intricate ecosystem of care homes, where the comfort and safety of residents are paramount, the significance of seamless facility management cannot be overstated. ASH Integrated Services stands at the forefront of this domain, delivering exemplary integrated mechanical and electrical facility management solutions tailored to the unique needs of care facilities. Recent endeavours exemplify […]