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6 Innovative Ways Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Solutions Transform Educational Facilities

a stack of books, an alarm clock and other school supplies sit on a table

Schools and colleges aim to create optimal learning environments. The integration of mechanical and electrical solutions emerges as a transformative force in achieving this goal. From optimising energy usage to enhancing safety measures   Join us as we explore six compelling ways in which Integrated mechanical and electrical solutions are revolutionising educational facilities. These solutions empower […]

Improving Safety and Security: ASH Integrated Services Completes Crucial Fire Compliance Overhaul

School children in a science lesson

ASH Integrated Services’ fire compliance work at St Joseph’s showcases our commitment to safety, quality, and client satisfaction.  By combining ability with innovation, ASH continues to set new standards in the Facilities Management industry. Providing a brighter, safer future for educational settings and communities alike.  For over 90 years, St Joseph’s Catholic High School has […]

Multiple Award Winners ASH Integrated Services Sponsor Wigan Business Awards. 

Antony Grace Director ASH Integrated Services

ASH Integrated Services, a leading mechanical and electrical engineering company based in Tyldesley, proudly announces its sponsorship of the Business of the Year category at the forthcoming Wigan Business Awards.  ASH’s local success story is one of remarkable growth and transformation.   From humble beginnings in 2019 with just four employees, the company has grown steadily. […]

6 Ways Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Solutions Enhance Project Performance and Drive Cost Efficiency

a brown hessian bag with maintenance on it in front of wooden house shapes

In the world of construction and facilities management, the synergy between mechanical and electrical engineering is paramount for success. Integrated solutions that harmonise these disciplines not only enhance project performance but also yield significant cost savings. Here we delve into how this integration fosters success in project execution while simultaneously reducing overall costs. 1. Efficiency […]

Enhancing the Experience for Care Homes with Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Facilities Management.

a nurse talking to an elderly person in a chair

Within the intricate ecosystem of care homes, where the comfort and safety of residents are paramount, the significance of seamless facility management cannot be overstated. ASH Integrated Services stands at the forefront of this domain, delivering exemplary integrated mechanical and electrical facility management solutions tailored to the unique needs of care facilities. Recent endeavours exemplify […]

Shaping a Diverse and Inclusive Future: From Childhood Lessons to Professional Milestones: Insights from Gary Zetter – Labels are for clothes and not for people.

Gary Zetter from ASH Integrated Services stood in front of their logo on the wall at their offices

One of the topics promoted within the extensive FM industry has been that of diversity and inclusion (D&I), leading to FM Director asking ASH Integrated Services operations manager Gary Zetter for his views on the topic.  Having won global awards for his extensive efforts to improve D&I throughout his impressive career, Mr Zetter states that […]

ASH secures key renewables contract for complex 510 Solar PV Installation on behalf of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’

Arial view of 510 Solar PV Installation on behalf of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council building

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council is seeking to become a ‘Carbon-Neutral City Region by 2038’ and appointed ASH Integrated Services to deliver the Endeavour House project following a competitive tender process.  The scheme was completed at the ‘End of May 2023’ and will be future proofed to allow Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council to further its ‘Sustainability Credentials’.  […]

The Value of Investing in People and Skills at ASH Integrated Services.

Reiss Lee from ASH Integrated Services receiving his Highly Commended Award at the HPM Awards

Our people are our most valuable asset.  Happy employees are productive employees. That’s why at ASH Integrated Services, we recognise the value of investing in people and skills. We made a steadfast commitment to invest in the development of our team, so we can cultivate a legacy of expertise and professionalism, that we believe sets us apart […]

ASH complete Mechanical & Electrical Installation on behalf of MHA Pennystone Care Home whilst the building remained occupied.

Image shows outside Penny Stone Care home in Blackpool

MHA Pennystone Care Home is a two-Story care home located in a Blackpool suburb. The facility is home to ‘36 Residents’ who continued to occupy the home throughout the Mechanical and Electrical Installation Project. The home consists of assisted living where residents have individual rooms and communal living facilities including commercial cooking and common lounge […]